Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 1

This is a new blog about a minifig's life in Brikinville, the most hobo filled town ever.

Dear journal,

The train ride from the last Brikinville was so pleasent, although I beleive the people working on the train didn't appreciate my loud music.

When I arrived I decided that the very first thing I should do is apply to be a police officer, I think im a shoe-in, I've been reading alot of "Concerned" lately. I wonder why this town has a missile silo in it, or why a man with so many guns has to guard it. Its not like this place has constant wars... I hope.

Town hall was pretty interesting.... must. resist. urge. to press. vault button. I heard rumors that this town had a sweet janitorial team, and that they have the lowest death rate of any occupation in this town! If thats true, I wonder how many mailmen die a day... I probably shouldnt worry, police officers would NEVER die in a sweet place like this!.

I was suprised how fast I could get an interview with the mayor and the chief of police, and that man in the suit with his briefcase had better not push that vault button before I do. I am SO going to get this officer position, luckily im proficient with bludgeoning weapons. That AND I play Half life 2 a lot. I wonder if as soon as I get the job I can get the force renamed to be "Civil Protection". that sounds so much cooler.

I said to the mayor that if I was going to get the job, I would be dedicated! I also mentioned Half life 2 alot... Anyways, I promised daily beatings to civilians, oppresive force, extra beatings to minoritys... the works! As god as my witness, I shall never go a day without beating up someone!

I guess they were not looking for the go-gettem type of officer. Mabye Ill have more luck joining the Janitorial team.

Link to our website: http://www.freewebs.com/moronstudios/index.htm

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